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Home Remedies For Tan Removal

In India tan problem is very common because of the weather here in summer there is high sunlight that can directly burn the upper skin. Direct contact of sunlight with the skin makes our skin very dull and tanned. As we all know sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D but if we contact sunlight for a long time it can cause serious skin problems or temporary problems such as tan, skin burn as well as skin cancer.  In this article, we will learn about home remedies for tan removal.

Suntan also depends on the person to person as we all have different skin types with sensitive skin people get more problems through light. so here we came up with some amazing home remedy hacks for removing tan at home at a very low cost. Whatever will discussed in this article about home remedies all ingredients you can easily find out in our kitchen.

Quick Home Remedies for Tanned Skin

Removing a tan can be easy at home with these common home ingredients.

1. Lemon for Tan Removal

Lemon juice has a high range of Vitamin C which is the reason it can work as bleach also. Apply fresh lemon juice on the face for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with water. This practice you can use this twice a day for better results. If you have sensitive skin do not apply directly just add a few honey drops so it can be not harsh to the skin. 

Also, we can do that by taking a slice of lemon and slowly rubbing it over the face in a circular motion it can be also very effective in tan removal.

2. Cucumber for Sunburn Skin

Cucumbers have cooling effect properties They can be very effective when you have skin burn type problems when had spend a long time in direct sunlight it gets redness over the skin. We can make a list of these home remedies for tan removal.

  • We can use this effective fruit in different ways such as we can take a slice for the eyes also it can be effective for dark circles. 
  • We can blend the cucumber and use it as a mask on a tanned area for a cooling effect because it can be also very relaxing for sunburned skin. 
  • Either we can blend the cucumber and extract the juice and with the help of cotton balls we can use it as a cleanser, or we can make it more effective by adding a few drops of rose water so that we can gain many benefits from this one of the home remedies for tan removal.

3. Aloe Vera Gel for Tanned Skin

Alovera gel is a famous home remedy for many types of problems but here we talk about the tan removal ideas for dar tan problem. Alovera has soothing properties. Alovera gel is one of the most effective home remedies for tan removal.

Alovera gel has many skin care properties such as lactic acid. The lactic acid helps to remove tan, and cure the dead skin as well and dead skin cells can be cured by just applying the Alovera gel. 

Alovera gel, turmeric, and rice flour can be mixed for the removal of dark tan because aloe vera gel has moisturizer properties. When our skin is exposed to the sun for a long time it will start to burn, and our skin starts making a layer over that to protect the skin that’s called Tan. Alovera gel we can use as a home remedy to remove the tan and get the best skin.

4. Potato For Tanned Skin

Potato is a common thing we can easily find in our kitchen. Potatoes have very strong bleaching properties. if can just blend the potato and with the help of a cotton bowl we can cover all the tanned areas it will be a very effective easy home remedies for tan removal.

Take a slice of potato and keep it on the face it will give a cooling effect that will exploit the skin and quickly remove the tan with the help of home remedies.

5. Yogurt For Tanned Skin

We can use yogurt in many different ways for skin problems because yogurt has very cured properties. Yogurt has lactic acid, a cooling effect, and healthy fat these are all very good for toned skin. This is one of the best home remedies for tan removal.

Take gram flour, yogurt, turmeric, lemon juice, and Rosewater, mix them well, and apply all over the tan effective area. It will remove the tan and give glowing skin. These are quick home remedies to remove the tan with kitchen ingredients.

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