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Benefits of Rice Water for Skin

If you want Korean Secret “Glass Skin” then there is something interesting for you, from that ingredient use you can get brighter skin and stronger hair with your home remedies only.

That Secret ingredient is Rice water that is left over after boiling the rice. This hack was from 1000 years ago in Japan. It has been used in Asian culture where they were used to get many benefits of Rice water for skin and hair. While medical also gives positive results for using it that is limited, many users have given very positive results for getting benefits from the rice water. 

Benefits of Rice Water for Skin

➢ Increase Skin Brightening

It contains vitamins and minerals that help to skin brighten from within and reduce the dark spots on the face. Nowadays many brands have started the product with rice water because of the high range of users of it. It also contains antioxidant properties to pigmentation in history Korean women using this since the ages for brightening and smoothing skin. Many people worldwide seek the benefits of rice water for skin purposes.

➢ Reduce Soothing Irritation

In the rice water, scratch is available that will soothing effect on irritated skin, if you have redness and sensitive skin it will definitely help a lot. There are a lot of benefits of rice water for the skin such as if you have damaged skin then you can use it twice a day for better results. 

➢ Cleanser and Toner

Rice water can be used for both purposes such as Cleanser and toner. It will help as a natural cleanser for removing oil, dirt, makeup, and sweat and it will make your skin very refreshed. You can also use it as a toner after washing the face just take a few drops massage it and rinse with water. 

➢ Aaging Properties

Rice water has anti-aging properties that will help your skin from anti-aging issues. It will help you to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Many brands offer very costly creams for the anti-ageing problem but here you can get the benefits of rice water for the skin.

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Benefits of Rice Water For Hair

➢ Increase Hair Growth

It is rich in Inositol and carbohydrates that increase hair growth, damage repair, and split-end problems will be reduced. Rice water has been a miracle for hair problems from the decades Japanese women using it. There are many benefits of rice water for hair.

➢ Increase Hair Texture

After using rice water hair will get smoother and more easy to handle and style. Rice water has many properties to provide a very good texture to the hair. Regular use of rice water will add a miracle to hair.

➢ Control Dandruff

Rice water can be used as a scalp treatment for itchy issues as well and it will reduce dandruff. itchiness and dandruff can be also solved. Rice water is the most recommended ingredient for improving the hair growth cycle.

➢ Natural Shine 

It will add a natural shine to hair and straighten it, there are many natural benefits of Rice water for hair. wash hair with shampoo and rinse off the hair with rice water keep it for some time and rinse off with normal water.

How to Make Rice Water for Skin And Hair

Making rice water is very simple and there are two types of processes of making rice water. That can be made within sometimes at your home with less time.

  1. Fermented Method

This method enhances the benefits. It is believed that more potent benefits for skin and hair.

  • Take ½  teaspoon of uncooked Rice
  • Take 2 cups of Rice 
  • Glass or plastic Container


  • Rinse the rice with cold water 
  • Soak it for 30 minutes 
  • Strain the rice Water
  • Ferment the rice water for 24hrs to 48 hours it will ferment
  1. Boiled Method

 This method does not need any ferment. It can be made easily for immediate use.

  •  Take ½ Teaspoon of uncooked Rice
  •  2 cups of Water


  • Rinse rice with water
  • Boil The Rice
  • Strain the Rice Water

You can directly use it on skin and hair it will never give you side effects. There are many benefits of Rice water for skin and hair.

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