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bihar cm nitish kumar used vulgar words

Bihar Chief Minister Mr NItish Kumar used the “Vulgar” word to provoke controversy in the assembly highlighting the importance of girl’s education to control the population. During his speech, he explained in a very uncomfortable way to sex education while some women leaders looked very uncomfortable and some male leaders were laughing around. Tejsavi Yadav said it’s Sex Education that Nitish was trying to explain in the Assembly with his very “Vulgar” words. 

The National Commission of Women has demanded an immediate apology from Nitish Kumar for the words that he used last night for women. Statistics based on the caste system in Bihar are presented. During the discussion, Nitish Kumar used such remarks words that provoked controversy on social media.

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Nitish Kumar Trying to Explain the Importance of Girl’s Education In “Vulgar” Way

Nitish Kumar was trying to explain the importance of girls’ education to control the population, he said that in Bihar women’s education is increasing. To expand this Nithis used this speech “ If a girl’s education is completed and she will get married after that when Men will be do physical activities in the daily night then a girl will tell that don’t throw orgasm inside “From this Population will be controlled. 

In his statement in the assembly, he said that according to the 2011 literacy rate increased from 61% to 79% in Bihar.In women’s education literacy rate increased by 51% to 73% rate.

National Women Commission Demanded Appolgy From Nitish Kumar

Priyanka Chaturvedi and Rekha Sharma both have fought on social media over the disruptive language of Nitish Kumar, as the National Commission Of Women wants an apology from the CM on behalf of Whole women’s communities the way he used his words regarding the women and men activities.

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