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On Saturday the pollution index was recorded as 413 at 7 am morning. In Delhi-NCR pollution was out of control a few days back. Air Quality in several areas of Delhi is very bad stages government called an emergency and called meetings from all the NCR region. 

Delhi’s average Air Quality Index(AQI) was 392 before Friday but on Friday it went to 468 which comes in the severe category. AQI has made some categories of air quality where 0-50 is considered as good,51 to 100 is satisfactory, 101 to 200 is moderate,201 to 300 is poor,301 to 400 is very poor,401 to 500 is Severe category and 500 plus is Severe plus category which is very in Severe stage. 

This pollution has been reported from stubble fires, calmer wind, and cracking the crackers on the occasion of karwachauth, which turned into a severe pollution situation in the Delhi NCR region. 

VK Saxena (LG) Lieutenant Governor called an emergency meeting to control the situation meanwhile Delhi Cm MR. Arvind Kejriwal is out of town and will not attend the meeting.

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New Restriction in Delhi Due To Pollution

  • GRAP stage 3 will be applied
  • The government has requested the public to remain indoors as far as possible.
  • RK Puram and Okhla is a hotspot for pollution center
  • The government told to use public transport to reduce the pollution 
  • Union Environment Minister Gopal Rai gave the order to allow only electric, CNG vehicles, and BS VI -Complaint Vehicle in the capital
  • DMRC told to use public transport, and that the metro would take 20 more rounds than usual days 
  • The Public is not allowed to do painting work and drilling work because it will create dust more

What is the Reason For Pollution in Delhi? 

Stubble Burn22.31%
Other 19.94%

On the occasion of Karwachauth people used to burn crackers also became the reason for pollution in the capital. The whole day looks foggy in Delhi because of the high pollution rate. It is said that this condition will remain the same till Monday in the same severe pollution category.

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