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giorgia meloni

Giorgia Meloni is co-founder of the Nationalist Brother of Italy. After talks with the president, she was appointed Italy’s new leader. We will know everything in the article about Giorgia Meloni. 

She is very young and the first woman prime minister of Italy. She is a very famous young leader because of her strong communication against anything. I grew up in the Garbatella area of southern Rome.  Meloni joined the youth front in 1992. Giorgia Meloni is a member of Brother of Italy (Fratelli d’italia) party, a right-wing political party.

Giorgia Served as minister of youth from 2008 to 2011 and was also a member of the Italian Chamber of Dispute, the lower house of the Italian parliament. 

Meloni won her first election at the age of 21 years old as Italy’s youngest minister and later became the national leader of national alliances.  Meloni’s biggest politician competition was in 2012 and she became the president in 2014.

Who is Giorgia Meloni

Giorgia Meloni is an international young politician who has been serving as prime minister since 2022  and she became the first woman to hold this position.

Giorgia Meloni Family Background

Her father left when she was a child and she has been raised by her Working Mother. Her father’s name is Francesco Meloni and her mother’s name is Anna Paratore. She is married to Andrea Giambruno and she is also the mother of a girl, whose name is Ginevra Giambruno. Her Sister’s name is Arianna Meloni. 

Giorgia Meloni Biography, Age, Family, Profession

Name Giorgia Meloni
Profession First Women Prime Minister of Italy 
Age 46 years old
Marital Status Married 
Religion Cristian 
Famous Young politician 
Father NameFrancesco Meloni 
Mother NameAnna Paratore
Sister NameArianna Meloni
Husband NameAndrea Giambruno
Daughter NameGinevra Giambruno
Palace of BirthRome, Italy 
Birth Date 15 January, 1977
Nationality Italian 
Education QualificationDiploma
Hight5.6 inches
Weight 58kg
Eye colorBrown
Hair ColourBlonde
Net Worth1.5 Million Dollars Approx
Election Won for PMOctober, 2022

In the G20 submission, Giorgia Meloni was a guest from Italy and when she came to India a picture of Indian PM Modi and Italian PM Giorgia went viral as she is a very young Prime Minister as well as very Beautiful. As per the report, Giorgia earlier came to India where she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Hyderabad House.

Who is Giorgia Meloni and Why Famous?

Prime Minister of Italy, famous for being the first woman prime minister of Italy.

Who is the Father of Giorgia Meloni?

Her Father’s name is Francesco Meloni.

When Did Giorgia Meloni Become the Prime Minister of Italy?

On 22 October 2022, the first woman prime minister to hold this position

Who is Giorgia Meloni’s Husband?

Her husband’s Name is Andrea Giambruno.

Giorgia Meloni Political History

Her career started at a very young age,  she joined the Youth wing of the Italian Social Movement in 1992.  After some time, she became the national leader of student associations. Giorgia Meloni was also part of the province of Rome (1998-2002) after she became president of Youth Action. 

In 2012 Giorgia Meloni co-founded the Brother of Italy ( FDI political party) and in 2024 she became the President. After that, in 2014 Giorgia was part of the European Parliament Election. She is a very Powerful politician because of her confidence, she is more famous. 

Giorgia Meloni’s net worth is approximately 1.5 million Dollars, she is a very famous politician and also a journalist. She has been appointed to many posts in Italy’s history. All the net worth she has earned from her journalism as well as from her political career. She is living a very joyful life with her husband and daughter.

Amazing Facts About Giorgia Meloni as Politician

  • She has fought against abortion, multiculturalism, parenting by same-sex couples, etc
  • In a 2019 speech, she gave the statement … I am Georgia… I am a woman…I am a mother… I am Italian… I am Christian… this line was said by her very aggressively. 
  • She is a supporter of NATO and maintains her views regarding the European Union. She is against the non-European migrants.  
  • In September 2022, Giorgia continued the slogan” God, fatherland, and family”.

These are all about Giorgia Meloni’s whole career, biography, family background, politics, etc. She is a very famous and strong politician.

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