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In Delhi -NCR, one city is set to become a Spiritual city. Yamuna City from Noida where Lord Krishna and Adiyogi Statue will be built. As we all know, the Madhura and Vrindavan is the Spiritual city of Lord Krishna, In the NCR region also planning to do the same. Many Builders and businessmen are set to build wellness centers, spiritual centers etc.

Devotional Yamuna City In Noida

Delhi -NCR is known for its education hub and employment place, in the coming days Delhi NCR will be also known as a Spiritual city as per new projects. Yamuna City will be known for yoga, devotional etc. In Gaur Yamuna City there will be 108 feet of Lord Krishna and 260 Feet Of the Adiyogi Statue.

which will be the center of attraction with the Statue as well as there will be Heritage City and Agra urban Nord Besides that there will be Katha Vachnalaya, a wellness center and ayurvedic medical that will attract more tourists.

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The construction of the Noida International Airport is going on near the Yamuna Noida Expressway, and many big companies from Foreign as are trying to build their own companies because of the transformation of Yamuna City. Many real-estate builders want to come here because of the attraction of the city

30 Thousand Square Meter Wellness Center 

In Yamuna City, Spiritual Guru Shri Shri Ravi Shankar Foundation will establish Ashram and High Schools. For this Project, 47 thousand square feet of land has been allotted. For making Schools 12 thousand square feet of land and 35 thousand square feet of land for a wellness center, in which 70 crores will be budgeted for this project.

108 Managing Director Amish Bhutani said” This project will give a new name to the city AS spiritual city along with that commercial and real estate people will get profit. Residential people will get a spiritual environment like Mathura and Vrindavan.

Building a Spiritual Identity of Yamuna City

In Yamuna City, from the Gaur group lord Krishna’s statue will be implemented which will be 108 square feet in height. While crossing from the Yamuna expressway people can see. This beautiful scene will be an attraction for devotional people to spend time there.

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