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How To Set Time In Noise Smart Watch

If you have have Noise Smart Watch and want to know how to set the time in a Noise smart watch then no need to worry this blog will explain to you all the steps that will easily set the time in your Noise smart watch. Also, you get to know how to reset the timing through the app.

Actually, on the smartwatch screen, there is no setting available to do it manually so we have to do this from the noise app on smart phone. There will be some steps you have to follow so read thoroughly the steps.

How to Update the Time in Noise Smart Watch

To set the time first you need to install the app on your smartphone then you have to connect with Bluetooth so that we can control the phone setting for changing the features. Most importantly these steps you can follow in every smartwatch.

Step 1. Open the Play Store and install the Noise app.

Step 2. Connect the Bluetooth in smart phone so we can operate the phone.

Step 3. Now you have to open the Noise app that you have installed.

Step 4. Now scroll down the go to the home page on the right-hand side it shows the manual setting. you to click on that.

Step 5. Now scroll down it will show the set Device time, you can use various options such as sync time you can choose between 12 hours or 24 hours time.

Step 6. This is to set time in Noise Smart Watch 

 How to Change the Time in Noise Smart Watch?

  • Connect the watch to a smartphone through the Noise App
  • Open the noise the app 
  • Go to settings and click on it 
  • You will see the noise app there showing 
  • Now scroll down and click on “ Set Device Time” 
  • You can also choose the Sync Device Time.

After doing these steps you will find time has been changed in the Noise Smart Watch.

Can we Change the date and time Of the noise Smart Watch?

Yes, you can change the date and time through the Noise app. There is an option in the app setting from where you can operate the features in whatever you want to do according to your preference.

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