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How To Use Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Semi Automatic appliances are very basic to use and it is great appliances to have at home. This machine gives a long year of service with fresh and clean laundry. They wash and spin dry functioning as fully automatic machines. Questions about how to use semi Automatic Washing Machine will be explained in this blog.

In the modern era, people have no time to wash their clothes and dry things. There are many types of Washing machines available in the market but if you are looking for long durability without hustle while doing the laundry you will have more control than the fully automatic machine, semi-automatic washing Machine is the best for decades who are using at home without any extra cost bearing for wear and tear. 

Over the years people have loved to use semi-automatic washing machine because it is quite easy to use and also very friendly to our pocket. This machine is designed with a single tub as well as a double tub according to your preference, in this you have to do some manual efforts that adding the water, transferring the clothes, draining out the water after that keep it in a spinning cycle.

If you are thinking of buying this semi-automatic washing machine, you need to know the many benefits it is easy to operate, pocket-friendly as well and water-efficient is good. Now we will know how to use a semi-automatic washing machine as well as how to do every step. 

How to Wash Clothes in Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Now we will give you step by step-by-step process for doing laundry and getting the best result out of it.

Setting Apart of clothes 

Setting apart clothes is key for successful laundry in semi semi-automatic machine because you need to separate the clothes according to the colour fabric of clothes before adding them to the tub. If you are adding the all clothes in one way the color bleeding of some clothes will destroy another one.

Put the Detergent 

If you want to take all the benefits of laundry in an automatic washing machine then you have to 

also choose the detergent wisely so it wash the clothes safely as well as clean. There are different types of detergents available in the market but you have to choose as per the preference of customers semi-automatic washing machine is doing well in liquid one.

Turn the Tap and Fill the Washing Machine 

Now turn the water tap to the temperature of the water Let run the water until the drum fills out ⅔ in the machine tub, so it can soak the clothes with detergent. The Semi Automatic Machine is designed in such a way that detergent needs to be added directly to water before putting any clothes into it. It will soak in such a way that while watching the clothes it wash off all the rigid dirt.

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Set the Timer for Soak as Per Clothing Type

While using of Automatic Washing Machine its most important function is that you can set the time of wash according to fabric or how dirty clothes are in the tub. For example, a Bedsheet needs more time to wash than normal cloth so you can also reset the wash time if you see clothes not clean wash till.

Drain out Water from the Tub 

In a semi-automatic machine, you have to drain the water manually once the cloth wash cycle is completed you have to drain the water from it. As per recommendation, we suggest that after draining the water, you should fill the water and spin it again so you can wash it with fresh water until all the dirt is removed from the clothes. It should be 100% clean from detergent, strain as well as dirt.

Drying Process 

After washing all the clothes we should transfer the clothes into to spin tub where we will dry them clothes. In a semi-automatic machine, you have to transfer the clothes manually. In a semi-automatic washing machine, you will have the option of spin time like fast, slow, etc. so we suggest that you set the time according to the cloth.

How to Maintain the Semi automatic Washing Machine

Any machine can work to the best capacity only if you are maintaining the washing machine well from the outside not only from the inside. One important thing you should always take care of in the machine is cleaning the lint filter because this system soaks all the dirt from the cloth. 

Most Semi-automatic machine comes with basic instruction on how to clean the washing machine for long-term durability. This machine is the most trusted washing machine because it is easy to operate as well as easy to follow the washing cycle you should always let the door open of the tub after washing the cloth so it will dry from the inside and also prevent the bacteria from it.

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