Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Instagram New Feature to Share Stories

Instagram Experimenting with new features will allow the audience to control who will see your stories. Instagram is working on new features of stories where you can make a group of audience with whom you want to share only. Instagram Head Adam Mosseri said that the social media platform is testing the ability of the feature to share with multiple audience lists. 

Currently, only two options are there to share the story on Instagram, In the first option you can share your story with all the followers you can choose the close friends whom you want to share only with all the followers. The “Close friend” features allow you to make a list of close friends as per your choice. 

Mosseri said,” AS someone who uses close friends often, I am pretty excited about being able to create an additional list for people in my life”. However, the new features will allow users to make multiple groups with different people.

  • Instagram is experimenting with a feature to allows users to share stories with a specific group of friends that you have created.
  • This new feature expands the options on the existing “ close Friend” option, it will allow users more control over who sees the stories.
  • This feature is under testing, and whether will be released or not, is not decided yet.

As same we are making groups on what apps with a group of members when you want to share specific news in that group only, as the same new feature of Instagram will allow the audience to make multiple groups with different people. As early as a close friend we had to add or remove things as per need now you can make a group so you don’t need to edit every time. 

For example. Family groups, college friends, colleagues, you can make multiple groups as per your interest.

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