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Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage Merits and Demerits

Love or arranged marriage are two different paths to choosing a life partner. Both have various merits and demerits, but nowadays love marriage become more popular than arranged marriage in Indian society. Love marriage provides more freedom and independence to individuals. At the same time in a love marriage, we can choose our partner according to our choice and preferences while in an arranged marriage parents will find the partner according to society’s status and their status. 

Each couple should keep things mind that the ups and downs will be there, and how they will manage or handle the situation at that time is more important in both types of marriage. Nowadays younger like to get married as per their preference it will like but before making the decision they should think about all the parameters of life.

Advantage of Love Marriage 

Deep understanding 

Love marriage couples have a very strong understanding before they get married individually as well as about their families which can lead to better understanding between both partners. In a love marriage individual are free to choose their partner according to their choice, compatibility, etc. It leads them to be more confident before they get married or strong bonding between couples ensures long-lasting relationships.

Love Bond

In a love marriage couple makes a relation with a lot of love and emotions. It allows both partners to make decisions on important decisions independently. Love marriage allows couples to make an intense love bond and trust before getting married. They have a deep understanding of Values, culture, and lifestyle choices.

Strong Commitment 

Love marriage involves a strong commitment because their decision to marry each – other drives lots of love. They have strong commitment because they know that they will prioritize the needs of loved ones.

Disadvantages of Love Marriage 

No Support from the Family 

In Indian society love marriage is still a big insult to the family, there will be no support from the families which leads to Depression, and anxiety which will become a big fear for couples what happens if anything in the future, there will be a lot of overthinking.

High Expectations From Each Other 

In a love marriage, both partners have high expectations if not happen as expected it will lead to high disappointment or marital issues. Love marriage couple have their imagination but it will not happen the same we planned. 

Advantage Of Arrange Marriage 

Support From The Family 

In Arrange Marriage family involvement or support is an essential thing that will become most support system in marriage. In this parents will choose the life partner for their children as per their background, knowledge, family status, etc. With family approval gives more confidence and relaxation that if any problem family will help out. 

Financial Security 

Arranged marriage ensures financial stability because families will look at financial status before they make the marriage decision. In India arranged marriage’s main root is financial and land stability then only will move further. 

Cultural Bond 

In arranged marriage Cultural bonds will be strong because both will be same caste same religion so they will have proper knowledge about respect, values, etc. 

Disadvantage Of Arrange Marriage 

Lack of Compatibility 

In arranged marriage compatibility issues occur in mostly arranged marriages. lack of knowledge about- others leads to conflicts whether both will agree or not about the other’s decision, which leads to unhappy married life and fear of long-lasting marriage. 

Pressure and Obligation

In Arranged marriage, there is pressure from the family that if they find a relationship it will always be good for their children which means there will be pressure for a stay in marriage no matter whether the couple is happy or not. 

In conclusion, whether it’s an arranged marriage or a love marriage both partners are equally responsible for making the effort in marriage. It depends upon how an individual takes interest in marriage or takes responsibility to keep that long-lasting without the consent from both sides, both types of marriage can be successful.

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