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Maithili Thakur Income

Maithili Thakur is famous for her extremely melodious voice and her talent. She is a playback singer with her brothers, always uploading original songs without editing music and videos. She is a famous Indian classical singer and folk singer. Maithili Thakur Income is around 5 to 6 lakhs as per the report. As we will know about her income, age, personal life as well as about her personal life. 

Maithili Thakur Biography

Maithili Thakur’s birth date is 25th June 2000 in Benipatti Madhubani District. Her both parents are music teachers working in Delhi. Her father’s name is Pandit Ramesh Thakur and her mother’s name is Bharti Thakur. She has two siblings Rishav Thakur and Ayachi Thakur. She sang in various languages like Maithili, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English.

Maithili Thakur is mostly famous for her cover video on YouTube where she never mixes the songs and edits in audio which makes her out of the crowd as a singer, her voice is original and the audience will love her voice. At a very young age, she became an inspiration for children who wanted to become singers, and established careers through Youtube and other social media platforms. Maithili Thakur’s Income also comes from her YouTube or social media platform.

Name Maithili Thakur
Profession Singer, Artist, Digital Content Writer
Maithili Famous forSinging, YouTube cover video 
Birth Date25th July, 2000
Birth Palace Mithila , Bihar
College Government College
Age of Maithili Thakur21 years old
Maithili Fathers name Mr. Pandit Ramesh Thakur
Maithili Mothers nameBharati Thakur
Sibling NameRishav Thakur, Ayachi Thakur 
CasteMaithil Brahman
Fees per Show Approx 50k
Current Address Delhi, India
Affairs Single 
Hobbies Dancing, watching movies 
Net worth3 Crore
Maithili Thakur Income5 to 6 Lakhs 
Height 5.2 inches 

Maithili Thakur Education and Career

Maithili Thakur completed her schooling at Bal Bhavan International School and her graduation is from Atmaram Sanatan Dharma College Delhi. 

In 2011 she also participated in the Zee TV show Little Champ after which she appeared in Indian Idol Junior 2016. After that, Maithili Thakur joined YouTube and started covering Bollywood songs with her siblings. She became very famous among the all-Indian audience. She has won many awards such as the Sur Jyotsna National Music Award 2021, Lokmat Sur Jyotsna Award 2021, Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Award, and Smule Mirchi Award 2020. Maithili Thakur income was made at a very young age.

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 Maithili Thakur Social Media Subscribers 

Maithili Thakur has 3.8 Million Followers on Instagram, 4.24 Million subscribers on YouTube channel (Maithili Thakur), more than 13 Million Followers on Facebook, and around 170k followers on Twitter (@maithlithakur). Maithili Thakur has more than 380 million viewers on YouTube in total. She has also listener on Spotify more than 4.6k.

1. Where is Maithili Thakur living?

Maithili Thakur Living In Dwarka Delhi.

2. What is the age of Maithili Thakur?

Maithili Thakur is 23 years old.

3. Maithili Thakur from Which State?

Maithili Thakur is from Benipatti, Madhubani Bihar.

4. What does Maithili Thakur’s father do?

Maithili Thakur’s father Pandit Ramesh Thakur is a Music Teacher.

5. What is Maithili Thakur Income?

Maithili Thakur Income is Approx 4 to 5 lakhs per Month.

6. Is Maithili Thakur the winner Of Rising Star?

Maithili Thakur is the winner of Rising Star.

7. Who is Maithili Thakur and why is she popular?

Maithili Thakur is a Playback singer and Digital content artist who is recognized for her original cover song which she used to upload on YouTube regularly. Maithili Thakur is famous for her melodious voice and natural ability to sing.


Maithili Thakur is a young talented Singer who is famous for her natural singing ability to edit the voice she used to upload videos on YouTube. She also sings with her two brothers on the same channel. She is very dedicated to her art and her loving behavior towards the fans. Most importantly she is from Maithila which is why her name is Maithili, It denotes the name of Lord Sita because her name was given by Mithila King Raja Janak. We discussed Maithili Thakur Income, her personal information, and many more in this article.

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