Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
Nitish Kumar Apologises

Nitish Kumar is the CM of Bihar who used Vulgar words while explaining the women’s education importance while giving a speech in the assembly. Now he is very badly involved in the controversy of not using inappropriate words for women.

Speaking in the state assembly about the importance of women’s education, the word used by Bihar Chief Minister MR. Nitish Kumar was described as “derogatory” by the opposition. 

While the National Women’s Commission demanded an immediate apology from Nitish Kumar as today morning Nitish Apologies himself in such a way that “ Mai apne shab wapas leta hoon ,humne yun hi ye baatein keh di thi …mere bayan ka gaalt matalb nikala gya.. Maine to mahilon ki shiksha ki baat ki thi..agar mere byaan se koi aahat hua hai toh mai maafi maangta hoon( I take my words back) Nitish said”. 

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Controversy Went to Court 

On Wednesday BJP MLAs protested and demanded his resignation because of his speech in assembly. This controversy has gone to Muzaffarpur court and the date will be 29th November for a hearing. A lawyer from Bihar has filed a case against the CM that if the CM talks like that then how Public will the respect the women in the state? That is the reason the Opposition is demanding his resignation as Nitish Kumar apologizes for his words.

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