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Top 10 Richest Youtubers

We will know in this article who is in the top 10. These people became millionaires as we all know that youtube is becoming the most popular thing in the world. Many people use youtube but some of them become the most popular among the huge crowd of India. These young people of India giving best content is liked by the audience because of them they become the Top 10 Richest Youtubers In India.

Here are Top 10 Richest Youtubers List and Their Subscriber

1Carryminati40.2 M
2Total Gaming36.2M
3Tecno Gamerz35.5M
4Mr. Indian Hacker32.5M
6Ashish chanchlani29.9M
7Sandeep Maheshwari28M
8BB Ki Vines26.3M
9Amit Bhadana24.3M
10Technical Guruji23.2M

In India youtube has a wide variety of content such as comedy, education, roasting, music, films, shorts etc. This is an online platform that connects you to all the peoples such as local as well as global, whatever interest you have you can search and enjoy it. In this article we will know about the Top 10 richest youtuber in India. 

Carry Minati ($5 Million)

One of the most popular youtuber in india is carry Minati as his real name is Ajay Nagar as his channel name is carry minati. He has around 40.2 million subscribers over the youtuber that makes first richest among the top 10 richest youtuber in India. His content is roasting and comedy which is liked by the audience.

Ajay was born in 1999 12th june and from Haryana. Father name is Vivek Nagar and his brother’s name is Yash Nagar. His entertaining content and most comedy in the videos makes a huge fan following in india. 

  • Carry Minati Networth: 5 Million USD
  • Carry Minati Youtube Subscriber: 40.2 Million
  • Carry Minati income per Month: 25 lakhs approx

Total Gaming ($2 Million)

Total gaming owner’s name is Ajay. His famous nickname is Ajju Bhai over total gaming platform as he is second richest youtuber among the top 10 richest youtuber in india who is providing gaming content, tips, tricks to the gamer audience.

Ajju Bhai’s personal life is very private. He is famous for Free Fire game as well as pubg , his entertainment content in videos makes huge fan following all over india. During his live streaming he is also using some commentary between them so viewers will be engaged over the video. 

  • Total Gaming Net Worth: USD 2 million
  • Total Gaming youtube subscriber :36.2 million
  • Total Gaming Income per month:8 + Lakhs 

Techno Gamerz ($2 Million)

India’s top 10 richest youtuber on third rank gaming platform itself that is run by Ujjwal Chaursiya. This channel also provides good content to gamers that can apply these things while playing the game to rack the difficulty levels in game. His birth date is 12 January 2002. New updates regarding the game , new tricks regarding the same are available over his channel.

  • Techno Gamerz Net Worth: 2 Million
  • Techno Gamerz Youtube Subscriber: 35.5 Million
  • Techno Gamerz income per month: 15+ Lakhs

Mr. Indian Hacker ($2 Million)

This channel is owned by Dhiraj singh who has a massive huge fan following because of his educational content as this youtuber name is coming under top 10 richest youtuber in india. His contents regarding the educational, science,DIY projects, practical solutions  as well as his experiments giving major traffic over the channels. His birth date is 8th january 1997. 

  • Mr. Indian Hacker Net Worth: 2+Million
  • Mr. Indian Hacker youtube Subscriber: 32.5 Million
  • Mr. Indian Hacker income per month: 20 Lakhs+

Round2hell ($4.9 Million)

Round2hell is the 5th Richest youtube channel that is owned by a group of three friends Wasim, Zayan and Nazim. These groups are creating funny content, short films , short videos  that connect with huge audiences. They have 31.1 Million Subscriber with that huge number of fan following . This youtube channel provides daily circumstances with funny content , funny dialogues and amazing chemistry between the three friends who give major entertainment to the audience. 

  • Round2hell Net Worth: 4.9 Million
  • Round2hell Youtuber Subscriber: 31.1 Million
  • Round2hell Income Per Month: 15 to 20 Lakhs

Ashish Chanchlani ($5 Million)

Every group of audience knows him as the best comedian because of his best content. His name comes under the 6th Richest youtuber in India that comes under the Top 10 Richest youtuber in India.

Ashish Chanchlani basically known for his best real content that we are experiencing in daily life as he makes content over the same so viewers love to see at his channel. Some of the videos are most popular as School contents, Types of people as many more. His name is most popular in India because of his funny content that makes connections between his expression and dialogue in the videos that make the audience more interested to be on the same channel.

His Father name is Anil Chanchlani and mother name is Deepa Chanchlani . His Sibling is Muskan Chanchlani.

  • Ashish Chanchlani Net Worth: 5 Million
  • Ashish Chanchlani Youtube Subscriber: 29.9 Million
  • Ashish Chanchlani Income Per Month: 25+ Lakhs 

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Sandeep Maheshwari ($4 Million)

Everyone knows about his motivational content , he has a huge fan following because of his very generic words . People love to listen to him because of his magical words, as he earned a lot of money from his channel and spent it on charity.

In present time everybody dealing with different types of issues, depression is very common now these days he is most influencing person to help them regain the confidence as his contains includes personal life, career building, personality development as well as good public speaking with lot of positive words. 

He is a role model for many people for chasing his dreams. His birth date is 28th september 1980 in New Delhi. His wife’s name is Ruchi Maheshwari.

He is on 7th number among Top 10 Richest youtuber in India 2023.

  • Sandeep Maheshwari Net Worth: 4 Million
  • Sandeep Maheshwari youtube Subscriber: 28 Million
  • Sandeep Maheshwari income per Month: 30 + Lakhs

BB ki Vines ($15 Million)

This channel is run by the most talented and dedicated person Bhuvan Bam. Every young audience knows about his amazing video that contains comedy. He has the most unique talent of playing different characters in one video.

In one video he is playing various roles with his talent as many youtubers have team members playing different roles but he is one of the finest actors who plays many roles with his own personality to entertain the audience. Some of the videos on his channel are very famous having views in billion. 

His birth date is 22 january 1994 Vadodara. His Father Name is Avnindra Bam and mother name is Padma Bam. He lost both his parents in Covid. He is an amazing video creator, writer , and singer . Bhuvan Bam has become 8th richest youtuber in top 10 richest youtuber in india. He has very unique skills to tell a story, who is making relationships with the audience and he has a huge fan following because of this very amazing talent. 

  • Bhuvan Bam Net Worth: 15 Million+
  • Bhuvan Bam Youtube Subscriber: 26.3 Million
  • Bhuvan Bam Income per Month: 25 Lakhs+

Amit Bhadana ($7 Million)

His Popularity comes first from facebook as they were used to make videos in comedy ways to experience daily experiences. Now he is Top 10 Richest Youtuber in India. Now he is doing good over youtube as his content is experiencing daily life in a comedy way , story telling , reactions towards the content who makes huge fan following towards his content. His birth date is 7th september 1994 Bulandshahr and his sibling name is Sumit Bhadana. 

He has around 100 videos on channel with 3+ billion views as well as having huge subscribers over there. 

  • Amit Bhadana Net Worth: 7 Million
  • Amit Bhadana Youtube Subscriber: 24.3 Million
  • Amit Bhadana Income Per Month: 30+ lakhs

Technical Guruji ($45 Million)

The Technical Guruji Youtube channel runs by Richest youtuber Gaurav Chawdhary who comes among the top 10 richest youtuber in India. His contents includes reading all the new latest phone laptops as well as all the technical things and giving reviews over that so viewers can understand the product before buying. His video is Hindi centric so that he can target various audiences in India as he gives all the reviews according to the price range of the product, he used to explain all the features of the products. 

His birth date is 7th may 1991, Ajmer Rajasthan. He has a huge fan following because of his unbiased content. 

  • Technical Guruji Net Worth: 45 Million
  • Technical Guruji Youtube Subscriber: 23.2 Million
  • Technical Guruji Income Per Month: 50+ Lakhs 

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