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IIT Kanpur Study said that this study can be successful in bringing down the pollution level. The “very poor” Quality of air continued in the Delhi NCR region on Tuesday also. Supreme Court has given an order to the government of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, to stop farmers from burning the stubble.

In Delhi also court told the government to not burn municipal solid waste in the city. There will be an ODD-Even scheme for cars from 13th November to 20th November to keep pollution down. These measures will help to down pollution but the impact is very limited time, so significantly to improve the Air quality index kanpur studied the things that will be more helpful for long-term purposes.

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What steps are needed to reduce the pollution in Delhi

  1. Ban the use of Coal in hotels and Restaurants 

As per the survey done, there are 9000 hotels and restaurants using coal for tandoors that release the FLY ash, a byproduct of coal that can cause the disease if someone inhales.

  1. Increase Uses Of LPG 

 Hotels should not use wood, cow dung and coal for cooking which makes it worse for the environment. If everyone uses LPG then only these ash problems will be reduced.

  1. Dont burn Municipal Solid Waste 

Municipal solid waste is that we used on daily basis and throw away like packaging ,furniture,clothing,bottles,food scraps,newspaper etc 

  1. Covered the Construction materials at construction site 

Construction materials should be covered and use of water spray over the dust materials and windbreaker to ensure not fly away.

  1. Increase the use of electric and BS-VI Vechile 

There  will be more use of electric vehicle and hybrid will be more helpful to reduce the pollution. 

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